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04 August 2008 @ 06:58 pm


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04 August 2008 @ 04:50 pm
My hand hurts.
I'm typing with my left hand.
My fingers all ache like shit. On my right hand that is.
I spent almost the whole day re-writing the Lit script, and it got taken away.
Yeah, fine, I admit that was my fault.
I'm not the student I should be. 
Then I re-wrote the script again, from what I remember in my head.
From 3 - 3.30, 6 pages of words. 6 damn pages.
What more do you want from me huh.
I don't care about your useless sympathy, or the fact that I blew my top.
Do you know I wanted to meet a deadline today? No, right? That's why I rushed.
But LiVe lesson was not a good time.
I admit I was in the wrong. Totally. But I was doing it for the group. 
Fine, we don't have time to rehearse. I can take the blame, can't I.
I had no time. You guys were just oh so distracted.
The least I could do was to redo the script alone.
It's all on me. So I'll explain to Ms Gomes and we'll act on Friday, alright.
If she's angry at me, so be it. She's angry at me.
Not you guys. So don't even bother giving a sh*t about it okay.
So, if I get demerit points or detention, IT'S NOT YOU GUYS. IT'S ME.

I'm hopeless. A failure as a friend & a student.
Sure, I did a hell of a great job re-writing the script.
But I just had my Literature grade in mind. Not you people. Yes, I can be that harsh.
This is how real I can get.
That's the reality of things these days.

I'm sorry.
You can scold me however you want.
I don't care. My fault.

Did you see that?
My. Fault.

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03 August 2008 @ 01:37 pm

What am I counting down to?
Isn't it obvious? 5 more days to our school's NDP, and 6 more days to the official NDP :D
I'm surprised the PLPC committee did not post up duties now. Oh well =/ 
I'm worrying about Monday's Algebra test. I'll study right after I get a response from Xinyi.
She owes us the Literature script! If not, we won't even have time to rehearse.
Miss Gomes is awaiting!!
Anyway, I just realised that Xinyi left the damn script in school.
And it's a SUNDAY.
Well, there may be Church Service or something like that today, but the classroom door sure cannot open.
And it's probably over by now. -_-
Miss Gomes will be deesuhpoyntud (disappointed). Goddammit.
:D Anyway, on the brighter side of life, I'M FINALLY STUDYING!
I gotta gotta gotta pass this term's CTs!
Okay, stopping here. Off to nerdland and beyond!


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Yes, last night was hilarious.
Cause I had a conversation with Saint.
Here's how it went.
Soap: So what time you staying up until?
Saint: I don't know xD Why?
Soap: Nothing. Just asking. Isn't it obvious?
Saint: What?!! LOLX are you going to stay up to celebrate my birthday?
Soap: Told you it was obvious.
Saint: xD Ok.

Then after a while I asked her: What time is it?

Saint: It's 20:42pm
Soap: Heck, it's 21:42 here.
Saint: lolx.
Soap: Nvm. Happy birthday for your midnight, and another happy birthday for my midnight. This is an utter disadvantage!!
Saint: LOLX.

So yeah. Hhahahah.
Nothing much to blog about.
Went out with Shuyi x3
We walked around the neighbourhood for like, 3 hrs?
Lol, yeah. We had a burping session just now.
She go buy the 1.5L bottle of SPRITE AND WANTED US TO DRAIN IT.
So yeah, imagine that.
Gonna do Home Econs test now. 40% omg.
D: Nvm!

You're 17 already :] Daaaaaymm you're old.
Jkjk. I love you all the same.

Good luck for your Guzheng performance Sian Ling :D

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01 August 2008 @ 07:43 pm

If you keep thinking about that person and want that person by your side, then you really like that person, says Yu Xian.
I do, I do. But it'll never work, really.
I'm living for the fact that maybe you'll be with me one day.
But heck, I don't wanna talk about all this today.
I thought I could trust you. I thought you could trust me.
Wrong indeed. I thought too fast. Without thinking, at the very most.
Never mind. I'll leave it all alone.

NDP filming was fun.
There was the full-dress rehearsal.
At the track. I was under the shade with Mrs Ong, Vanessa and Rachel.
Of course, I was doing the recording. Heck.
I caught Eleanor on video! Hah!
Yeah lah, but that really isn't the point is it.
Band Ensemble played well. My videographing SUCKED.
Jerk here, jerk there. Tsk! 
After filming, still had time for Photography, so I rushed up with Elizabeth.
Then right, Mr. Go told me to take picture again. As in, the "test" on metering and such.
One shot one kill, last week.
I did it again :D
Then Mr. Go said, "你好像有天才."
Cause two times in a row. Well he didn't exactly say 天才, but I can't find 'tian fen'.

Okay, shall stop blogging here.
I want duty for National Day xD
When you're Sec 1, you wanna do everything.
When you're a senior, you wanna let the Sec 1s do everything.
Haha, I find that so true.


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31 July 2008 @ 08:04 pm

Something happened today.
I don't want to talk about it.
I'm so damn worried for Pei Ning!
Saw Ms Gomes on the way home today.
Then here was how the conversation went:
Ms Gomes: So how's everything?
Sophia: Okay la.
Ms Gomes: Okay? (something like that)
Sophia: Yeah, okay la! You know (then i said something that's -.- confidential)
Ms Gomes: Oh. Okay la. But there are many other ways to tell me how's it going now what, not only 'okay la'.
Sophia: Yeah la. Great.
ROFL then after that I asked about Aish.
Blah blah blah.
Damn, she's funny. Her bag's cool :D
Cool bag. LOL, yeah yeah, I'm being lame :P
Then at the end I said: You walking home ah. (then i thought, hey Ms Gomes has a car. Then I don't know already.)
Ahahha. :D
I hate the NDP filming. It's so effing troublesome.
People also don't want to answer our questions.
Do they freaking know how hard it is to make just a video?
Even with 3 interviews or less, it's still damn hard you know.
It's so hard sometimes, just to get people to SPEAK PROPERLY, and ANSWER THE QUESTION.
I mean, how would you feel if you were in my position?
At least prefects are way better than you guys okay.
They're cooperative. That's why you see the videos, only the enthu people and prefects are interviewed.
You might want to be on video (or you may not. It so depends on the limited time we have and the amount of desperation), but it takes so much just to get the right words, for the right part.
Or maybe you could just say what's on your mind.
You don't have to think! It's a question!
I mean, you could jolly well answer, 'Kiasu' for all I care. It's an answer, and what's more, it's true.
I was so pissed just now.
I felt like giving up on the NDP video.
Thursdays are the worst.
And it didn't really make me feel good when my mind was somewhere else just now.
I was so distracted and I wanted to get it over with.
Can you speak properly? You shout at me all the time, and you can't even raise your voice in front of the camera?
That's what I call contradiction. You can scream at me all you want, with all those smart aleck answers, but in front of the camera you have NOTHING TO SAY?
I don't believe it. Not one bit.

My mood is not fantastic right now.
Stopping here. So pissed. Argh!

Aloysius, you keep that trust alrights?
iloveyou man. Best. Friends. For. Ever.
Good luck with her :D


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30 July 2008 @ 08:12 pm

What a week, what a week.
This has been absolutely frustrating, especially today.
Oral was horrible. I totally flunked the damn thing.
I'm just not creative enough to talk about four obiang women walking on a street.
God. I'm already over her. That's a relief.
I just have one more thing to settle, and that's about it.
Anyway, History was alright.
I guess it pretty much improved. The tension, the impatience.
I'm so stressed now. There's a damn test on Monday. Algebra.
Oh God, oh God.
Okay, I can handle this. Yes I can.
I hate this font, seriously. =/
I find myself more lethargic each day. I mean, who isn't?
Alright, maybe not some people.
But I definitely am. Really. Life has been a roller coaster.
So many things are happening so fast.
Alrights, I shall end this post with two lines.

JiaShyuan, cheer up alright? I'll always be here for you, Muscles!

Ariessa! Don't cry already. I'm so uneasy when you told me you cried day and night. Don't cry [: I'll be here for you if you need anything. I PROMISE [: 



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29 July 2008 @ 06:13 pm

That's pretty much all I can say to describe today.
Boy, I feel much better now. (Not.)
Thank you for telling her. I'm really happy now that you told her.
But strangely enough, I'm not angry at you.
More like angry at myself.
Yeah. Okay. Ahem.
I was so freaking lethargic after P.E.
History was okay okay.
I think almost every lesson my name will get called.
Now I must look in front every time there's History.
Like, really look in front. Not left, right, up or down.
Never mind. I can handle that la.
Literature? Ms Gomes was giving away sweets (or chocolate) like no tomorrow.
That was because so many people let her read their scripts on the Lit WS.
See chocolate can offer the whole world to Ms Gomes already.
Temptation has taken over 1-4.
Anyway, project work!
We made some improvement (seriously).
We could finally think up of a freaking product.
Don't worry.. if I scrape through PW, sure can..
Gonna do powerpoint later.
Leader me, leader me.

Alright, stopping here. Will update if anything out of the ordinary happens, like poopie.

"Don't stress, don't stress, don't stress."
"No stress, no stress, no stress."

It's not really working.

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28 July 2008 @ 08:18 pm
I just cannot seem to get over this whole issue. 
Now I'm thinking, I have a problem with me. Why is it always her?
Frustrating, now that I think about it. Always been the reason.
Crap. Crap. Crap. Crap. Someone save me now, please.
I don't know what the hell is wrong with me.
Like I'm so damned uncontrollable.
Shimin's right -.- I shouldn't be like that towards her.
It's just misplaced, somehow. Cannot. Cannot. Cannot.
Okay, calm down, Soap :D
Today was alright, except that I had to run off immediately after LiVe.
There was oral. Then before it started, I asked Ms Gomes when was Teachers' Day.
She told me she didn't know. Hahah.
Then after that she remembered and told me.
So I asked her when was her birthday.
This one best. She told me she forgot.
Well, it's perfectly alright and understandable. She is 84 this year. Senile. Yeah.
Hahha. She's such a good liar.
I got 5/30 for my Maths Algebra test.
Such a wonderful score.
Thank God there's a re-test on Monday.
Have to pass. Have to study. Must get through Maths.
Yeah manz. Soap is determined. Woohooooooowee.
Tomorrow.. got music.
Where the hell did twinny place my harmonica!?
Argh. Lol, I'm dead if I don't find it.
Must go find now. Ah, so many priorities these days. 
People (that explore my hair) say that I have white hair O:
It's no big deal.. two or three strands only. Yeahhh :D

Okay, shall stop here.
Must go find my harmonica already manz!

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27 July 2008 @ 01:53 pm

Yea, as you can see, I'm very happy that tomorrow's Monday.
Woohoo! :D I missed everyone, yessss!
Two days are like two years, no? Hahah, well..
I've been doing quite a lot of thinking today and yesterday.
About what, you wonder?
Well, probably almost everything I've gone through last week.
And maybe, well, some stuff in life are just not necessary right now.
Whatever I want, I kinda have to put them all on hold.
Yeah, I guess that's how it's gonna be for a while.
Hmm! On a happier note:
The 1-4 blog is officially renewed and up and running!
Woohoo! Many thanks to Shu Ting for finding a much better skin than before.
And you guys better thank me for doing such a GREAT job doing up the links.
Hahah, no, seriously. =/

I guess I've discovered real friends this year.
Thank God for these wonderful people :D
And the teachers as well, (:
There ain't no better reason to say 'I love you' because I really do love you all :D
Well. I'm gonna stop here. Woho. Until I figure out where the USB thing on the laptop is, pictures are unavailable -.-

P.S. Don't ask me, I don't know why I'm so extremely happy today. No, it's not because it's a Monday tomorrow.

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